Northwestern Athletes ready for graduation


Kyle Richardson the teacher and presenter

Kyle Richardson the coach

Kyle Richardson the coach

The 27th Annual High Schools That Work Staff Development Conference was held in Charlotte last week, with a focus on Graduating Students College- and Career-Ready. Principal James Blake and staff members Heather Andrus, English and Social Studies Program Coordinator; Allison Jordan, Academic Coach; and Kyle Richardson, Head Football Coach, Social Studies Teacher,  from Northwestern High in Rock Hill Schools presented a session called “Win Today! Student Athletes Winning Off the Field.” On August 7 at 12:30 p.m. Coach Richardson will join Manning Kimmel on WRHI Radio 94.3 FM for Straight Talk to talk about the academic program for athletes, but a description of the presentation (from the conference program book) follows:

Move from producing great athletes to great student athletes. Through a series of adjustments, coaches, teachers and athletes learned that failure or even D’s were not options at one school. By implementing academic study hall during and after practices, and focusing on student preparedness and vocabulary and test taking skills, our athletes are ready for graduation.

ManningKimmelYou may also want to listen to Straight Talk programs from July 17 featuring Don Gillman, Director of Rock Hill Schools Applied Technology Center and July 23, with guest Tony Cox, Rock Hill Schools Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services. Thanks to WRHI, Manning Kimmel, and Straight Talk for their interest in the Rock Hill Schools.

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